Control your water softener via Wi-Fi!

HomeControl your water softener via Wi-Fi!
HomeControl your water softener via Wi-Fi!

The standard Wi-Fi function allows you to connect your eVOLUTION softener to your Wi-Fi network (*) for convenient monitoring and management with your PC, tablet or smartphone from virtually anywhere through the EcoWater Hydrolink Plus® web platform.

Gérez votre adoucisseur eVOLUTION via WiFi

The main advantages

  • Secured Dashboard
    A simple and secure online dashboard provides appliance information at a glance, such as: Number of days until salt tank is empty - Recharge schedule - Water usage.
  • Remote Support
    If you wish, you can grant remote access to your softener to EcoWater’s technical team. This way a first diagnostic can be made without you having to stay at home and support can be provided as needed.
  • Customised Alert Messages
    Your softener can warn you via text messages or e-mail (only if you wish!) when the salt level is low or if potential issues are detected, such as continuous water flow above normal usage.
  • Remote Management
    You can for example remotely launch a regeneration or adjust your alert settings.


Tutorial Videos

Below are some short videos to help you understand the functions available on the wi-fi dashboard.  If you have any questions please contact your EcoWater installer.


How to set up alerts by text or email



How to initiate a manual recharge via the Wi-Fi dashboard



Information on your Wi-Fi dashboard screen



(*) Connectivity depending on compatibility of your private Wi-Fi network. No connection possible through public Wi-Fi networks. eVOLUTION softeners also work perfectly well without a Wi-Fi connection, without any loss of performance.