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Reverse Osmosis and Drinking Water

EcoWater offers a complete line of Commercial  Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems for businesses that rely on high-efficiency and high-purity water.  Our standard commercial systems are available in varying output capacity, from 125 to 2500 liters per hour.  Larger custom systems are also available.

Compact professional reverse osmosis system

ROHD Compact+

Our smallest reverse osmosis system. Very compact, great performance, easy to maintain and service. 

Mainly used for glass washers and in laboratories, but applicable in any situation where the demand is low (125-150 liters per hour) . 

Commercial Reverse Osmosis by EcoWater


One size larger than the Compact+, the SB is still a very compact appliance. Its stainless steel casing makes it very suitable for clean environments, like kitchens. 

The ROHD-SB is often used to provide osmosis water for dish- and glasswashers, but is still very often used in hospitals and laboratories.

Industrial Reverse Osmosis by EcoWater

ROHD 4000

Our solution for larger flow rates. It's main advantages are

  • Complete. Every component is there, including conductivity measurement.
  • Ready to use. Thoroughly tested and ready for installation. 
  • Easy to use. Clear display for all necessary information. 
  • Reliable. High-end materials, right choice of membranes. 
commercial reverse osmosis

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