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Central Filtration Systems

To filter all the water in your home at once, a central filtration system is the best solution. It is installed on the main water supply, to make sure you have pure, filtered water from every tap in your home. 

Central Water Filter

Central Water Filter

An EcoWater Central Water Filter or CWF provides clean drinking water with a great taste from every tap in your house. 

It contains a number of filtration layers, which stop sediments and other contaminants. Unsavoury odours, colours and tastes will be removed from the water, thanks to the integrated active carbon filtration. 

The CWF is programmed to rinse periodically, to clean the filter media and flush the sediments to the drain. 

No more lugging expensive bottled water, no more cartridges to exchange. 

An EcoWater Refiner is a water softener and water filter in one


With an EcoWater eVOLUTION Refiner, you benefit from the best water softening technologies. With the addition of active carbon, it removes unpleasant odours, colours and tastes from the water.

Your pipes, domestic appliances and boiler will be protected against limescale while you enjoy the finest water quality without any chlorine odours.

An eVOLUTION Refiner ensures you always have soft, luxurious water when you need it.

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