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Finity: Unique water filtration solutions for every foodservice application.

Water treatment for food service industry

Why filtration?

The water that feeds to your equipment has issues. It picks up some baggage from it's source and the transportation pipes that deliver it to your establishment – leading to off tastes, dirty water, the creation of scale buildup, and other serious problems. We can’t stop the fact that water picks up serious issues on its way to your business.

We can help you clean it up. Our solutions are designed to provide precise, clean water to specific applications within your establishment. Using our proprietary technology, Finity™ provides fantastic filtration with little pressure drop – a huge plus when you think about all the equipment that relies on water. Clean water means happier customers, less equipment downtime, better profits and great tasting beverages and finished products.

Unique water filtration for all foodservice applications

Why Finity?

  • Reduce equipment downtime
  • Premium water quality
  • Safe water
  • High capacity
  • Small footprint
  • Affordable solutions


Unique water filtration solutions for every foodservice application

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